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Serving Sandusky County, OH, Ottawa County, OH, Seneca County, OH, Wood County, OH, and Lucas County, OH

Get Your Handmade Décor at Pierce Design Studio

When you want quality indoor and outdoor handmade décor in Woodville, OH, count on Pierce Design Studio. Our customers from Sandusky County, OH, Ottawa County, OH, Seneca County, OH, and Wood County, OH, enjoy our studio. Homes and gardens are just two of the places that many homeowners spend time in each day. Whether it is spending time outside or inside, we all have certain visions to help create the most welcoming environment. Our handmade décor items will help do that. Owner Julia Pierce also provides concrete statue repair and restoration.

If you are looking for vintage collectables, blankets, jewelry and collectables, we carry a variety of merchandise. We offer a consignment area for local artists. No matter your style, we are certain to have something that fits your style. We are ready to help you improve the look of your home inside and outside. Call (419) 283-4891 today or contact us for a free consultation.

Quality Concrete Statues, Concrete Statue Repair and Restoration

Our owner utilizes her skills in providing concrete statue repair and restoration, breathing new life into weathered or damaged sculptures. Count on Julie to delicately revive each piece, blending modern techniques with an appreciation for historical significance. Concrete statues can fall into disrepair over time due to weather conditions, age, and vandalism. Those statues do not have to stay that way. Trust Julie to restore your yard decor.

Home and Garden Décor Complements
Your Property

Elevate your living spaces and outdoor retreats with Pierce Design Studio’s exquisite home and garden decor. Each piece is a harmonious fusion of artistic expression and functional beauty. Our décor infuses your surroundings with charm and personality. From captivating sculptures that tell stories to ornate planters that breathe life into gardens. Our collection transforms ordinary spaces into captivating realms. With a commitment to quality and innovation, we craft decor that resonates with diverse tastes and preferences.

Offering an Array of Jewelry, Blankets, and Vintage Collectables

Our jewelry pieces are more than adornments; they encapsulate emotions and stories, reflecting both modern elegance and timeless allure. The blankets we offer envelop you in warmth and comfort, seamlessly blending style with coziness. Our collection of vintage collectibles unveils fragments of history. Each item echoing the past with a sense of nostalgia and intrigue. Check out our indoor home décor, jewelry and collectables today.

Trust Pierce Design Studio
in Woodville, OH, for quality handmade décor.